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Is it safe to ask a stranger to write my personal statement?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use professional help when working on your personal statement. Make sure you choose a credible essay writing service, and they will assign a qualified writer to complete your paper. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t know how any particular service works — support operators are usually happy to answer potential customers.

Can I ask someone to write me a cheap personal statement?

Yes, professional writing services can also be affordable. Beware of super cheap providers — they can supply reused papers. However, there is no need to use overpriced websites either. There are plenty of professional essay providers on the web, you can choose the one with a suitable budget.

How much time does it take to complete my personal statement?

Professional writers can complete a short essay in as fast as 8 hours. It may take more time if you have any specific personal statement, but usually, a short paper does not take a long time. Make sure your essay provider can work as fast as you need before you place an order

What info do I have to share with my personal statement writer?

To create a relevant personal statement, your writer must know some essential info, such as what school you’re applying to and why you pursue any particular subject. Send your writer some basic information about you, your achievements, and other details that may be of interest to the admission board.

A personal statement is an integral part of the university application process. It offers the student an opportunity to describe their unique talents and skills, communicating their worth to the selection board. A personal statement contains the qualitative and quantitative achievements and attributes that distinguish a person from the larger population of applicants. Hence, it influences the reviewers by providing an individualized perspective of the applicant, demonstrating an understanding of capabilities and expectations. It illustrates the writer’s comprehension of the application requirements and benefits of the institutions. The statement also indicates the extent to which the applicant is interested in the university or college of choice through their research on the institution and evaluation of skills versus the requirements for admission.

Factors to consider when choosing the best personal statement writing service

It should not be cheap

The best personal statement writing service should not be cheap. Remember, cheap is expensive. Besides, writing a good personal statement involves several correspondences with the writer and sometimes a few revisions. The cost of writing such a paper should be fair but enough to allow several reviews. You cannot expect a cheap writer to write a good personal statement. The service should also have free revisions.

It must have money back guarantee

The best personal statement writing service should believe in the quality of its output. A money-back guarantee demonstrates the company’s trust in its writers and confidence in its services. The company will not risk losing income through refunds if they are unsure about quality. The best companies have a straightforward refund policy.

It must have an open communication channel

They should also allow direct correspondence between the client and the writer, allowing you to gauge their qualifications through communication. The client must always retain the authority to choose their preferred writer. Most custom writing services rate their experts based on the quality of output. Only the best should be available to complete personal statements. You can assess a writer’s quality and professionalism based on the communication and initial draft.

Its writers must be professional

Only experienced writers can write top personal statements for university applications. The expert should be qualified enough to apply to a similar institution. A good writer should have a university or master’s degree. The best personal statement writing service should demonstrate their writers’ professionalism through a strict and verifiable selection process. Only great writers can complete personal statements for technical courses such as engineering and natural sciences.

4 signs that you’ll get the best personal statements for university

✍️ Excellent writersPersuasive and creative skills needed
💡 Attention to detailFollowing requirements is a must
🧚 24/7 supportHelpful and approachable team
👓 Revision policyChance to improve the statement further

Here’s the best way to write a personal statement using a custom writing service

Provide adequate personal details to the writer

You know yourself better than anyone. You are the only person that can describe you in the best way possible. The writer only helps you articulate your ideas better and present the information per the requirement. Hence, you should ensure that the personal statement describes you by providing adequate personal details to the writer. Do not allow the writing service to create false praises about you, however attractive it might sound.

Request for a draft or outline

The best way to write a personal statement starts with brainstorming and organizing ideas through an outline. The writer should use the details you shared to create a draft, which you can use to gauge and improve their perception of you. Request an outline as early as possible and engage the support team in a conversation about the areas of improvement.

Request for as many revisions as possible

The only way to ensure quality is to get involved. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the paper or some details are unrealistic, request a revision. Ensure that all the information in the personal statement is accurate and reflects your life, achievements, and passion. Avoid idealistic representation, as all humans have their unique flows. Institutions assess the values of the applicants, starting with honesty and faithfulness.

Proofread the final paper

Before you submit the personal statement, proofread it severally to eliminate any grammatical errors and typos. The first impression is always important, and one must always strive to present their best during their first encounter with a stranger. Spelling mistakes and punctuation errors indicate carelessness and a lack of focus. Do not ruin your chances of joining your dream school due to a misplaced comma or a missing full stop. Top-rated custom writing services offer free proofreading and editing.

Double-check the paper against the requirement

Ensure the paper adheres to the institution’s requirements and instructions for writing a personal statement. Highlight the sections that answer specific questions and assess the suitability of the details. Assume you were a review board member and evaluate the personal statement from their perspective. If any section is missing or inadequately covered, request a revision. You can also add or remove information based on your assessment.

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