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Coffee Around The World Day

As part of La Via wellness, Villa residents gathered in the community’s spectacular sunroom to enjoy an assortment of flavored coffees and biscotti to celebrate Coffee Around The World Day. …Read More »

Gallery: New Year’s Eve at The Villa

La Via, The Villa’s wellness program, focuses on 6 key dimensions of wellness, including socialization. This program is a prime example of how spending fun times with friends and neighbors can add to a person’s overall well-being. Villa residents rang in 2020 in style with fun food and drinks and live music in Villa Hall! Check out the gallery below for a few scenes from the fun evening: …Read More »

Letter from Villa Resident Praises Community’s Staff and Care

We are proud to share the following letter that Mercy Gonzales, The Villa’s Executive Director, received from a rehabilitation patient: Dear Mercy, Your “Welcome Letter” to new residents states that your goal is to “… exceed your expectations and assist you in meeting your goals and expectations.” Let me state emphatically, with conviction and admiration, that you succeeded completely in achieving your goal during my recent (May-July 2019) stay at the Villa. You and your entire organization are to be commended for setting these high performance standards and congratulated for reaching and exceeding them. From the moment I was admitted …Read More »

Gallery: Breadmaking Program

The amazing programming team at The Villa led a breadmaking session in Villa Hall. Breadmaking is a fantastic sensory program for seniors, engaging multiple senses and providing relaxation, accomplishment, and a delicious, homemade bite to eat. …Read More »

The Villa at Florham Park Flu Immunization Education Program

At The Villa at Florham Park, we place great emphasis on the importance of vaccinations to protect our residents and program participants. As we age, our immune systems become weakened, thus making it harder to fight off illness and disease such as pneumonia and the flu. Complications from these illnesses can be deadly especially to those with compromised immune systems such as the elderly, infants and people with ongoing medical conditions. Now that flu season is upon us, we are boosting efforts to inform the public about influenza, the influenza vaccine, and ways to help keep us all healthy. Representatives from …Read More »

September is National Healthy Aging Month

September is National Healthy Aging® Month and there is no better time to take charge of your overall mental, physical and emotional well-being. Throughout each of our senior care communities, we encourage residents to make the most of each day by participating in activities they enjoy and socializing as often as possible. We believe that the key to living a full life is by taking care of yourself in all capacities while spreading joy to others. Aging is a natural part of life and though it may not always be easy, there are many ways we can age gracefully and …Read More »

Ways to Prevent and Care for Arthritis

Don’t Let Arthritis Stop You from Living an Active Lifestyle Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contends 23 percent of all adults suffer from arthritis. Prevalent symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are more than 100 types of arthritis. Many forms of arthritis can be prevented or delayed by following a healthy lifestyle. The following are preventative measures you can take against arthritis along with self-management tips if you do suffer from joint pain. Arthritis doesn’t stand a …Read More »

10 Brain-Boosting Power Foods

Improving what we put into our bodies helps to improve our strength and physical well-being, but did you know that eating the right foods can also boost mental health? Scientists continue to uncover strong links between what we eat and how our brains function. And the good news? We don’t need to wait until a new year to start new habits of health. Here are 10 brain boosting foods to add to your diet: 1. Avocados Packed with vitamin K and folate, avocado helps prevent blood clots in the brain, which ultimately protects against stroke. Additionally, scientists believe avocados improve concentration …Read More »