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Villa Network Features Dietitian’s Tour of Kitchen, Dining Room

The Villa Network is our residents’ in-house television channel, featuring programming from the staff designed exclusively for the residents. 

Dietitian Davette Ong, a wonderful and devoted Villa staff member, recently took over the channel for a virtual tour of the kitchen and dining room. The purpose for the Dietitian’s Talk was to exhort our residents to eat their healthy, wholesome meals provided by the Dietary Department, to fortify their immune system to fight off infection. We know the Coronavirus Pandemic took its greatest toll on the geriatric population. The Dietitian observed first hand during this pandemic that those who were able to eat and drink during the pandemic survived the infection. The Dietitian encouraged the residents to continue to make use of the “always available” menu to ensure they receive what they want to eat during meals.
The dietitian also wanted to remind them that although we do not see them roaming about the building throughout the day and in the main dining room for meals, they have not been forgotten about. Each department is striving to provide care as usual, under these very unusual circumstances because of the pandemic.