The Top Must-Read Books of All Time

Reading is one of the pleasant ways to spend your time if you like great stories. This activity commonly turns into a great hobby with multiple benefits. One of them is surely gaining experience from the ones who came before us. We can learn history and define how to avoid mistakes. We enrich our cultural life as well. We learn how to speak, behave, treat others, solve problems, and so on. This list can be continued for a long. Finally, books may simply help to relax and escape the problems you face every day for at least some time.

The question is what should you read? There are a lot of genres – novels, fiction, classic, fantasy, and even biographies. We always recommend reading what your heart desires. Yet, there are also such kinds of books that must be read by men, women, and teens. They teach us the great values in our lives that can be successfully used in reality. This article was written to show you the top must-read books of all time before you die. They will be valuable even after we all are gone. They are eternal!

The Lord of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

The first in our list is the ancestor of all fantasy books – The Lord of the Rings, which was written by one of the best English linguists in world history – professor John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. This is an incredible legendarium that was imagined, created, and depicted by one person! The entirely new world with its own rules and several languages that were created by the author. This is the second most reissued book in world history after The Bible.

We guess these achievements are already enough to get interested in it. Everyone who reads is impressed by the beauty of English, incredible adventures, and events.  The plot focuses on the eternal confrontation between good and evil. It reveals the way your choice may impact your future life and the lives of others. It teaches how friends can help you when the darkness seems to conquer you. This story has been reflected in a series of films. You can even play a strategy that is based on this legendary legendarium.

1984 by George Orwell

This masterpiece is definitely worth your time and attention. It is about the possible future that can take place in every country. It’s an anti-utopia about the rewriting of history. People live under constant fear that they will do something the current government would not accept. They have no freedom for thought, words, ideas, or even dreams. The main hero tries to oppose the system and find the truth disguised by the government.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

This is a story about loyalty, courage, and redemption. It depicts the relations between rich and poor boys who are in the middle of a war in Afghanistan. The one who failed to be a good friend must save the child of his friend. Otherwise, he will never forgive himself.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Everyone knows that Joan Rowling wrote 7 books about Harry Potter, a magician. Nonetheless, in the beginning, the first book made her famous. This book is worth a try because it tells readers a story of a boy who lost his parents and had no friends for the first 11 years of his life. The family of his aunt hates him. Yet, the boy resists hatred and doesn’t hate other people in return. When he discovers that he is a little wizard and can study at Hogwarts, his life changes drastically. He finds true friends, discovers courage in himself, and plunges into a world of unbelievable adventures

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This is a story about a young girl who lost her family, but still has hope for happiness. It is about bravery and friendship in a time of Nazi tyranny. The most uncommon feature of this story is that it’s narrated by Death itself.

Game of Thrones by George Martin

This is another great fantasy, which cannot be called an adventure. It’s about treachery, deceit, honor, dignity, and hope. The story embraces the whole palate of the best human traits. Its final is always unexpected.

Summing Up

We believe that you’ve heard at least about most books from our list. Our suggestions are classics in their genres and focus on very significant themes.  When you read them, you surely enrich your inner world, reconsider your values, and even change yourself at least a bit. You definitely need to find time to read all these masterpieces.

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