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EssayUsa Review: Features, Policies, Prices, and Much More

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  • Updated: 02.01.2023
  • Based on 8 reviews
  • Author: Meena Underwood

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All of us get into difficult situations during their lives. Sometimes, we simply do not have enough mental and physical resources to complete certain tasks. Unfortunately, this situation befell me too. Recently, I started to have bad headaches caused by the lack of sleep due to stress. One of the key things my doctor said is that I should study less. But, how? I had 3 essays due within one week in December. Obviously, working in such a rhythm would have undermined my strength even further. I think no paper deserves a sacrifice of the health students have. Therefore, I have decided to use a site that can help write essays. In this EssayUSA review, I want to talk about my experience of ordering two 3-page papers with 5-day deadlines. If you don’t have time to read the whole text, I will make a minor spoiler: it wasn’t that good even though I got my papers and they were of palatable quality.
essayusa review

About EssayUSA

EssayUSA appears to be a relatively novel service. It was founded 4 years ago and started out as a business with only one writer. By now, the website has grown into an essay writing service with more than 80000 completed orders. Thus, it is one of the largest academic writing websites on the market. Currently, the company behind EssayUSA offers the help of 1450 active writers. 95.5% of the users rated the service positively. Ultimately, the business gives a wide range of prices for its services and provides many potent deadline options. Generally, while going into the service, I had no doubt that it would be great. In the end, my expectations were disrupted. Indeed, EssayUSA is not bad. However, it isn’t very good either. I have heard of better experiences from my friends.

Service Features

EssayUSA has several key features that I find extremely important to note:

  1. Wide range of disciplines. EssayUSA provides essay help with many types of work. Essentially, everything that requires an essay can receive the attention of the local writers.
  2. Good user experience. The interface of the presented service is highly intuitive and easy to understand. Not all sites are capable of providing the experience of this kind.
  3. Wide choice of deadlines. The users of EssayUSA can also expect significant customization regarding the deadlines they get. Typically, the users can choose options that extend from 14 days to mere 8 hours.

After analyzing other websites in the custom essay writing business, I can ascertain that the outlined characteristics are some of the definitive features.

Pros and Cons

On the basis of the outlined features, one can conclude that my opinion of the service is utterly positive. In reality, it is neutral. EssayUSA was far from being a top option to write my essay. Still, I want to begin with some positive features:

  1. They adhere to deadlines. Both of my papers got delivered a day before the official deadline. This was most certainly a positive experience for me.
  2. The service works with urgent deadlines. If you need to get essay help online fast, the website can provide them rapidly.

However, negatives outweigh the positives in a significant way:

  1. Papers don’t get enough proofreading. After double-checking both papers received from the service, I understood that they had many small grammatical and formatting errors. I was especially annoyed by the fact that spelling in certain words didn’t adhere to the USA standards. The samples I got required some significant editing after I received them.
  2. Feedback is non-existent. Getting information about certain orders is extremely difficult. Yes, the interface is user-friendly. However, it updates too slowly. For example, I received one of my papers ten hours after it had been uploaded by the writer. That’s definitely not the best outcome in my opinion.
  3. Getting a revision is difficult. I wanted some minor structuring changes in one of my college essays. They didn’t go against the instructions in any form or manner. Nonetheless, the writer started terrorizing me with the calls for additional payment. Only a discussion with their supervisors via the support department helped to prevent the conflict. In this light, I don’t want to even think how difficult it is to get your money back in the service if something goes wrong.. Especially, considering that EssayUSA specifically avoids any mention of this opportunity in their service.

EssayUSA Writers

essayusa writers

I have a very negative opinion about the writers of EssayUSA. Above all, they appear to be very unwelcoming. I have asked the writers in my order to talk about the progress with it. No one gave me an answer, regrettably. For two days, I was in the dark until finally snapping and asking the support to contact the individuals in question. I was very nervous due to my aforementioned problems with headaches and the service did nothing to make my experience comfortable. In this light, I have absolutely no interest in getting some additional help from any essay writer with whom I worked before. Maybe, I got very unlucky, but some of my friends also noted the issue. These people definitely need to change their attitude.


EssayUSA promises that when they buy an essay, clients get a very low price. In fact, the service claims to be so cheap that it allegedly features the lowest starting prices on the market. The reality is far from being as positive as the presented business tries to claim. The alleged “lowest price on the market” is for a high school paper with a 14-day deadline. Let’s admit that the outlined scenario is not very likely to happen in many cases. Most of us don’t study in schools and rarely get 14-day deadlines. In reality, my undergraduate order of 6 pages (two 3-page essays) cost me 18.4 dollars per page or 110 dollars in total. Bear in mind that I had a very long deadline from the standpoint of modern college studies. If I had merely 8 hours, the paper would have cost me 262 dollars or approximately 44 dollars per page, which is well above the typical market average. The price for one Master’s page is downright obscene: they want 68 dollars for an 8-hour deadline. Yes, you can get some discounts (approximately 10 to 15 percent) with promo code giveaways. However, they are not sufficient, in my opinion. Considering the aforementioned problems with grammar, I am quite sure that EssayUSA is far from being the best choice for people who want a balance of price and quality.

EssayUSA Guarantees

The guarantees in the service, as I have found out, are typical:

  1. Free revisions. If you can get them, of course. My experience and the testimonies of some friends indicate that many writers tend to blame customers for all problems.
  2. Money-back guarantee. Didn’t try it, but expect some resistance. Every word you say in case something goes wrong can be used against you.
  3. Confidentiality. EssayUSA uses secure service and doesn’t ask for any real-life credentials. Thus, some reasons to feel safe and protected exist in the presented case.
  4. No plagiarism. The website and its writers deliver on this aspect too. All my papers were genuinely 100% original and I had no problems with services such as Turnitin. In this regard, the alleged quality standards are indeed more or less high.

Customer Support

Generally, I cannot say anything good or bad about the support team in EssayUSA. Some of the reviews about the site praise it, but I am quite sure that they’re fake. On the one hand, the support specialists helped me reach my writers. As a result, I managed to get more or less detailed information on the order progress. On the other hand, I should note that the time to reach the specialists via phone calls is more or less abysmal. In one case, I had to wait for more than 30 (!) minutes to finally get some answers. Indeed, the individuals in question were friendly. However, I cannot say that the service was perfect in any way.

On the one hand, some people may be right to think that the service is definitely not a scam. It offers papers that come within a deadline. On the other hand, it is also difficult not to agree with the angry customers. There’s an element of scam in the case. They promise something outstanding and instead you get a quickly made paper with dubious quality. So, EssayUSA, is it legit or scam? The answer is up to you. Personally, I am not sure. If you like some of the aspects described above, the service can be good for you.


All in all, I cannot say that I liked EssayUSA. It’s definitely not the worst service out there, I am sure. However, judging by reviews online, better options exist. You should undoubtedly consider using something else unless grammatical, stylistic, and formatting errors don’t bother you. Indeed, they deliver everything in time. But, at what cost? Your wallet deserves better, in my opinion. Personally, I am not going to use this service in the future unless someone recommends a good writer there. EssayUSA is definitely not the top service it promises to be.

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