How we look for academic writing services

We have two main sources of academic writing companies to discover: we google them, and we ask students about what websites they use. Sometimes, the service is not so popular in search engines but can be extremely popular among the audience thanks to successful campaigns in the community or platforms like TikTok. We use both methods to collect as much information as possible to make our rating objective. Also, the media that make similar analyses can be a source of newcomers to the academic market. 

How we select writing companies for review

But not all academic writing services deserve a review from our specialists. Before starting the analysis, we create a shortlist of websites and make a discussion with the team if each service can be a scam. We won’t analyze or offer you a company that obviously tricks the customers and just gets their money for nothing.

And we won’t include companies with extremely personalized mentorship services in comparison. They are clearly another business type.

People who write our reviews

We’ve mentioned specialists that work on the review. Each stage demands other skills to get through. First, the “diggers”—guys who are looking for services online, and “best pals”—our colleagues who enjoy constantly talking with students about their problems and the way they solve them.

Then we make decisions over the shortlist to decide if the service is a scam or not. After that, our “comparison masters” make a big table with lots of data to see how values of characteristics change from company to company.

And one of the last tests is a visit of a secret buyer. We order from a website and see if the guarantees and communication work expectedly. As all data is collected in one place, we write our reviews and conclusions.

Main technics of assessment for the academic writing services

Our main technic of assessment is comparison. It’s impossible to decide who’s better and who’s not if you don’t have any common denominator for contrasting the differences. We use lots of criteria to assess, and with such a variety of details, we get valuable conclusions in the end. Enjoy them on our website! And let’s have a closer look at some features of writing services we concentrate on the most.

We review guarantees

We check the list of announced guarantees from a service and review how the brand communicates about them. We evaluate if it’s easy to find the rules of how these guarantees work and mention their application in the feedback. If we can’t find them, why any student would? Even if everything is clear on the website, we contact service support and ask them about guarantees to get even more information.

We compare prices

This is simple: we pick up identical orders and compare prices and service packs for them. Sometimes, companies offer more perks for the same price. So we have to keep that in mind. Proceeding up to the checkout, we look at hidden payments which are not the soundest sign of high-quality service. Another thing to take into account here is the variety of payment options. If they are too poor, we can’t give lots of points to this service.

We analyze the completed papers

When we get an ordered paper, we check if it meets the requirements we leave when placing an order. Also, we’re quite interested in the uniqueness of ideas and plagiarism indicators of the text. The formatting and overall structure of the paper matter a lot as well. We look at the paper from the point of view of an A-grade student and if such a student could ever learn something from this paper. After comparing papers from different angles and services, we get a full picture of the writers’ specialization and quality assurance at those companies.

We give websites a rating

After all the data is getting into one pool, we prepare our reviews and ratings, which you can see on our website. Be sure to check the latest updates and read the newest reviews about services you’re interested in!

The right decision is always truly personal

No matter how hard we tried to stay fair in our judgments, sometimes we feel that our personal opinions influence the final conclusions. That should be disclosed to you, as we don’t use some kinds of blind tests to analyze writing services. Our main reason for writing reviews is to give you a hint about this or that company, not to convince you of our authority to make decisions for you. Each time you order a paper via the internet, you give a chance to prove the quality of service.  And we hope that with our assistance, you’ll find your most reliable helpers.

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