January 18, 2021

A Message to Our Residents, Family Members and Staff,

As a reminder, we continue to remain COVID free throughout our community.  We are one of the few communities in the state without outbreaks and commend all of our residents and staff for their team work!  You can find our COVID-19 Resource Center on our website and we continue to provide regular updates with the most accurate information, including the most Frequently Asked Questions.  It contains all the steps that we are taking to prevent the spread of this virus.

All of our residents and staff that participated in the CVS vaccine clinic on January 11, 2021 are doing well with little to no side effects.  EDUCATED, MOTIVATED, VACCINATED!  As noted, CVS will be returning for the second vaccine and to vaccinate new admisisons and those that declined during this round.  If you have not signed up to get the vaccine, please reach out to us.  We  encourage you to call and make arrangements to receive this life saving vaccine.  Residents, Team Members, Essential Caregivers in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living and Private Aides are eligible to receive the vaccine here on campus.  We strongly encourage you to receive this life saving vaccine to protect you and your family and to contribute to the wideworld eradication of the virus.

Please remember that one dose of the vaccine does NOT provide protection from the virus and you must continue to wear your mask and remain vigilant with precautions.  The vaccine does not produce immediate antibodies and is not 100 percent effective, especially in those with compromised immune systems!  All required hand sanitizing, social distancing precautions and masking must be maintained.  You must have a mask on when you leave your living quarters and it must cover your mouth and nose.  Many of you have already asked if visitation will resume and we can go back to PRE-COVID way of life.  The answer to that is NO!  The restrictions on visitation and for precautions are by an Executive Order from the Health Commissioner and the Governor based on recommendations from the CDC.  Therefore, at this time, there are no changes to any of our precautions and any of the restrictions.  If you walk around without your mask and do not follow the protocols or you attend social gatherings, you place yourself and others at risk for the COVID-19 virus.

As discussed previously, the Department of Health has recommended that residents in senior communities limit activities outside the community due to the high risk and rapid spread in the counties at this time.  This does not change with the recent vaccination as you have no immunity yet!  We are asking that you continue to sacrifice for the safety of your loved one and our other residents and staff and all of our sacrifices are paying off.  Let’s continue to be vigilant.

For questions and concerns please call (973) 867-1500.

Thank you,
Dominic D’Ambrosio, MS, LNHA

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