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Writemypaperhub Review[8.4/10]

  • Updated: 07.01.2023
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  • Author: Meena Underwood

As a student, I know how overwhelming academic assignments can be, especially for those who, like me, have to work their way through college. And I also know how hard it is to find a paper writing service that actually delivers on its promises. So I would like to share my experience with WriteMyPaperHub and hope that my review can be helpful for other students who are looking for a decent writing company online.

I have just received my third order from Write My Paper Hub. It was a three-page paper about Applied Behavior Analysis for my Psychology class. It had complicated instructions, and I felt like I lacked experience in the field to write something so challenging. Since it was my third order, I was quite confident in the outcomes, but the service has once again exceeded my expectations. This is why I finally decided to leave a detailed Review.


writemypaperhub review
My classmate recommended WriteMyPaperHub to me when I was stressing over some essays for my economics class that I did not know how to write. Our professor is a tough grader, and it is important for me to maintain a high GPA. So while a little nervous, I was thrilled to find out that I could get some professional help with my writing from trusted websites.

The essay writing service I am talking about is relatively new on the market, but it has already gained trust from clients and is rated highly. I can see why, considering that the average quality score given to Write My Paper Hub by customers is as high as 8.5, and more than 98% of essays and other papers ordered are delivered on time.

Despite my classmate’s positive comments, I was still worried when placing my first order, so I read other clients’ testimonies. They gave me all the reassurance I needed, especially since many of them were students who study in USA colleges, which is how I knew that the standards of WriteMyPaperHub probably matched mine. Now, I have my own experience to talk about, and I think it can contribute to what others have already said about the service.

Service Features

The site offers help with all types of writing assignments, from essays to lab proposals to personal statements and everything in between. When I was ordering my third paper, I was worried that no expert would want to take it because of the very specific structure and instructions. But my concerns turned out ungrounded. Now I have a reason to believe that experts from WriteMyPaperHub can do it all (which is what a lot of other clients were saying in their reviews).

What’s more, the company provides assistance with the types of assignments that, based on my initial research, many competitors offering essay help do not work with. For example, you can order a fictional short story (a great asset for anyone taking a creative writing class) or even a business plan or a CV. I intend to order the latter sometime in the future because the very idea of updating my CV makes me anxious.

Pros and Cons

Based on my experience with WriteMyPaperHub, some of its main advantages are as follows:

  • The quality of papers is exceptional.

The number one thing that I expect from a service akin to this one is for a true expert to write my essay. Judging by my order so far, everyone working at is highly professional.

  • Variety of services offered.

The list of all the types of papers that the company works on goes on and on. The same goes for subjects. Both my friends who use Write My Paper Hub and I have yet to have our order turned down.

  • All my orders were delivered on time.

Out of the three papers I ordered, all three have been on time. And one of them was way before the deadline, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

As to the drawbacks, I would say that prices are a little too high in my opinion. They are not above the average on the market; other similar sites charge the same. Besides, my first order turned out relatively cheap thanks to the 20% discount given to all new clients (as far as I know, other discounts are available as well). Still, since my income is not very high, I would still appreciate it if custom writing services were more affordable.

WriteMyPaperHub Writers

While it looks like everyone working is a pro, the service also offers you to choose the category of essay writer working on your order. The default option is Best Available Writers, and it does not require any extra payment. I have only used this one so far, and the quality of my papers did not disappoint.

But I also know that a lot of first-time clients (myself included) are worried that online writing assistance services are unreliable. If you are extra concerned, you can opt for Advanced Writers or even Top-10 Writers. Their services are a little more expensive but probably even more exceptional than those of Best Available Writers. I will try ordering from an Advanced Writer once I have a little spare cash.


writemypaperhub prices
As I said, prices are one of the few if not the only thing about that I am not 100% satisfied with. Orders get especially pricey when you need them urgently. For example, a two-page paper with a four-hour deadline will cost you about $80, which is a lot.

But prices are much lower if you order in advance, which is what I am trying to do every time I buy an essay. If you are an undergraduate student and order a two-page paper a week before it is due, you will have to pay a little over $30. Much better, right?

Besides, my classmate, who is a regular WriteMyPaperHub client, says that there are a lot of great promo code and coupon offers for loyal customers. And the 20%-discount for the first order is also a pleasant bonus that I really appreciated. Guarantees

Just like any other company, WriteMyPaperHub has a list of the things that you can always expect when ordering from them. Based on my research and experience, these are the most important ones:

  • Great quality

The company has very high standards for its experts, so all papers will leave even the most demanding client satisfied. I have had a chance to confirm this myself.

  • Zero plagiarism promises that every order its experts deliver is 100% unique. I have not had any issues with plagiarism so far.

  • Free revisions

If you feel like the writer did not follow the instructions, you can request a free revision. Moreover, the company even promises to refund your order if you do not like anything about it and it is the writer’s fault.

  • Confidentiality

While the Write My Paper Hub website does ask for your name and phone number, it is only to contact you for clarifications, if necessary. I was initially worried about my personal data but have since seen that they are properly protected.

Customer Support

writemypaperhub contacts

A lot of reviews on the online page mention how good the company’s customer support is. Well, I second this. When I was placing my first order, I forgot to attach one of the files and did not notice my mistake until it was way past midnight. Luckily, I managed to reach customer support instantly, and they helped me solve the problem. So it is true that they are available 24/7 by phone and text.

I also like that I can text the writer working on my paper directly. Sometimes, when anxiety gets the best of me, I want to make sure that they understand everything and are already working on my order. Thanks to the messages, I can track the progress.

Is Legit or Scam?

I can assure everyone asking the question of “WriteMyPaperHub Is It Legit or Scam?” that the service is 100% legit. My initial apprehension and concerns have been proven wrong. I received the papers I ordered on time, and they exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. So I encourage everyone to take the same leap of faith I once did. does not disappoint.

WriteMyPaperHub Reviews: Conclusion

Overall, after much deliberation, I would probably give WriteMyPaperHub a score of 8.4/10. Working with this service has been a true delight all around. The only notable disadvantage that I have found so far is the prices. While adequate, they are not as low as I would like them to be. So this is why I cannot give 10/10. Otherwise, the service is basically perfect.

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